Class Outline

Soul Winning – How to store up your treasures in Heaven.

  • Evangelical Methods – Informational, Relational, Confrontational, Passing out Tracts
  • Discipleship – Bible Studies, Church Invitations, Church Growth, Church Plants

Evangelism & Discipleship – How they go hand in hand.

  • Farmers Analogy – Diagram, Explanation & Scriptures to go along with it.
  • Mentoring New Believers – Bible Studies, Prayer, Church Attendance, Friendship

Community witnessing techniques… 3 Weeks

Week 1

  • Selecting a Venue/Place to Evangelize, Getting in the Spirit, Praying the Enemy Away
  • Ice Breakers and Openers, Inviting People to Church, Offering to Pray for Their Needs

Week 2

  • Evangelical Scripts & Methods, Visual Aids, 3 Circles Method, 2 Spiritual Questions

Week 3

  • Evangelical Scriptures to Memorize & Reference in Layman’s Terms
  • Passing out Tracts, Selecting the right tracts for distribution, Keeping the peace with difficult people, Tips on Avoiding being asked to leave the premises.

Relational Evangelism Techniques… 4 Weeks

Just Walk Across the Room Study, 4 Sessions at 1 per week

DVD Study can be found here.

  • Session 1 – The Single Greatest Gift. How to discern spiritual promptings and learn from Jesus, the Master of evangelism, how to walk across the room to start a meaningful conversation.
  • Session 2 – Living in 3D. How you can build friendships that lead to spiritual conversations.
  • Session 3 – The Power of Story. Telling your story in a humble way that points to God’s glory and leaves the door open to share his story of redemption.
  • Session 4 – Grander Vision Living. You will learn to live life with a Grander Vision in mind, seeing through God’s priorities of bringing people to him.

Class Wrap Up, what we have learned and applying it to our lives…

  • Our Message, Our Mission; Evangelize & Disciple
  • Setting and Achieving Goals, Making a Difference, Oikos Map
  • Plans for Evangelical Outings, Joining Evangelical Groups who do Outings

Life Group Play Date, Doing Something fun as a Group.

  • Go out into the community for some fun.
  • Pray for the lost and do some community witnessing.