Welcome to Evangelism Techniques for Today.

Our group will meet every week between February 1st and April 18th.

During the semester we will go through an in-depth class on Evangelism Techniques for Today’s Christian. This will include Soul Winning – How to store up your treasures in Heaven, Evangelism & Discipleship – How they go hand in hand, Community & Public Witnessing Techniques and finally Relational or Relationship Evangelism Techniques. This will include an interactive class, a free online course (under development), Evangelical Scripts & Methods, Visual Aids, Evangelical Scriptures to Memorize & Reference and also a DVD series by Bill Hybels called “Just Walk Across the Room” which encourages and equips believers to routinely initiate spiritual conversations with those who don’t know Christ. We will follow up this class with a wrap up session to discuss what we have learned, start our mission, set some goals and plan on an evangelical outing & a group play date. It will be fun and rewarding. Let’s win some souls for Christ!

Location: Calvary, Ignite Room (children’), 5555 NW St James Dr, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34983

When: Monday Nights 7:00pm-8:30pm Facilitator: Mike Knapp
email: michaeldavid1978@yahoo.com – Phone: (949) 337-6959

Week # 1: Monday, February 1st: First Life Group Meeting; Introductions, Group Orientation, Life Group Covenants, Introduction to the curriculum.

Week # 2: Monday, February 8th: Soul Winning – How to store up your treasures in Heaven; Evangelic Methods & Discipleship Discussed in Depth.

Week # 3: Monday, February 15th: Evangelism & Discipleship – How they go hand in hand; Farmers Analogy, Mentoring New Believers, Bible Studies, Prayer, Church & Friendship

Week # 4: Monday, February 22nd: Community Witnessing Techniques A; Selecting a Place, Getting in the Spirit, Praying the Enemy Away, Ice Breakers & Openers, Prayer & Church Invites

Week # 5: Monday, February 29th:  Community Witnessing Techniques B; Evangelical Scripts & Methods being used today, Visual Aids, 3 Circles Method, 2 Spiritual Questions Method

Week # 6: Monday, March 7th:  Community Witnessing Techniques C; Evangelical Scriptures to Memorize & Reference in Layman’s Terms, Passing out Tracts, Keeping the Peace in Difficult Situations, Avoiding being asked to leave the premises, How not to Burn a Location.

The next 4 weeks will consist of a DVD Study on Relationship Evangelism.
Just Walk Across the Room, by Bill Hybells
4 Sessions at 1 per week
DVD Study can be found here.

Week # 7: Monday, March 14th:  Relationship Evangelism A; Session 1 – The Single Greatest Gift. How to discern spiritual promptings and learn from Jesus, the Master of evangelism, how to walk across the room to start a meaningful conversation.

Week # 8: Monday March 21st:  Relationship Evangelism B; Session 2 – Living in 3D. How you can build friendships that lead to spiritual conversations.

Week # 9: Monday March 28th:  Relationship Evangelism C; Session 3 – The Power of Story. Telling your story in a humble way that points to God’s glory and leaves the door open to share his story of redemption.

Week # 10: Monday April 4th:  Relationship Evangelism D; Session 4 – Grander Vision Living. You will learn to live life with a Grander Vision in mind, seeing through God’s priorities of bringing people to him.

Week # 11: Monday April 11th:  Wrap Up; What we have learned, Our Message & Mission, Goal Setting, Making a Difference, Oikos Map, Plans for Evangelical Outings

Week # 12: Monday April 18th:  Life Group Play Date; Something Fun for the Group and/or an Evangelical Outing & Prayer for the Lost.